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We know that there is a large number of people in Osceola County who go without the basic needs of everyday life, food and shelter.  Moreover, so many of these individuals suffer from hurts, hang-ups and habits that have never been addressed biblically.  Kissimmee Christian Church is pleased to provide a worship service committed to those in our community who are homeless or in transition.  This service is offered every Sunday at 12:30PM for a time of worship, communion, message and a hot meal.  If you would like to join the team leading worship, greeting these folks or preparing the meal contact

donate towards meals for people in transition

Help provide meals for people in transition in Kissimmee

There are thousands of people in Central Florida who stay in hotels, shelters, with friends, or on the streets.  On average, 60 of these men, women, and children come to Kissimmee Christian Church every Sunday for a meal and opportunity to worship. 

A small gift of $5 can provide home-cooked meals for 2 people.  For $10 you can provide 4 home-cooked meals, and for $25, you can feed 10 people!

This program is entirely funded and run by volunteers.  Please consider making a (tax-deductible) donation by clicking HERE.  Your gift will buy food, as well as small personal items like water, deodorant, and bug spray for those in need.

Let’s work together to provide 1,000 meals!!  $2,500 can be raised quickly if we make small sacrifices, like drinking water instead of soft drinks the next time you’re out to lunch, or skipping dessert at dinner, or getting a small coffee instead of a large coffee.  Those are small sacrifices compared to the benefit your funds will provide to people in need.

This program will be running until midnight Sunday, August 13.  Please donate today!

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