six8 community for young adults

College Age gatherings (18 to 25 years of age)

Part of the unique makeup of Kissimmee Christian Church is the large amount of college students (or college-aged people) who attend weekly services.  This stage of life is crucial to the development of an adult.  The most effective way to help students during their lives is to help them focus on being in a community of believers of various ages who are living out the Gospel intentionally.  God has chosen to place each one of us in a neighborhood as an integral part of the community God is going to use to reach those who don't know Him.

Every Sunday at 6PM in the Chapel, we join together to study God's Word, worship through song, prayer, communion and grow relationally with each other.

As students navigate some of life's bigger issues, Kissimmee Christian Church desires to see the church family come alongside with wisdom and encourage the advancement of the gospel wherever that student might go.

For more information please email Adam Robbins.

Kissimmee Christian Church

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