Home School Co-Op Cont.

General Information about our Co-Op:

• We host a co-op group and drama club at Kissimmee Christian Church every other Wednesday afternoon.

• Park days are held the second Tuesday of the month and are posted on our Facebook page. 

• Each month we do a service project to help our community or our church. Often these activities take place as part of park day. 

• We plan four main field trips for the year, two per semester. We try to keep one per semester either free or very inexpensive. The second may cost a little more but we try to keep costs down as much as possible. Other field trips may be scheduled during the school year. 

• Months when we do not have a field trip scheduled we will have lunch meet-up places where kids can play and parents can talk, such as Chick-Fil-A. These dates and locations will be posted on the group Facebook page. 

• We try to have an annual kick-off party and end-of-year closing party as well as doing parties or fun activities during the year for some of the major holidays. 

• To participate in our support group on Facebook, park days, service projects, lunch meet-up, and parties there is no fee. Field Trips may or may not have a fee but those are due per field trip you choose to attend. Co-op and drama club have fees, however, they are separate from each other and you do not have to be a part of co-op to participate in drama club, field trips, or any other group activities. 

Our Philosophies: 

1. We are not a school. Our co-op is designed to enhance our families’ at-home learning, rather than take its place. 

2. We do not judge different philosophies, styles of learning or curriculum choices held by individual families. We will encourage and share ideas with one another. 

3. We gather as a cooperative group. We are motivated by grace and love toward our participants. Thus, we will do our best to follow Christ-like character. This is vital to our success as a group and co-op. 

4. We will not assume parental authority during our events or co-op meetings. We hope to help form strong bonds between parents and their children while they learn together. 

5. Parents will remain onsite at all times during co-op meetings, unless another designated adult agrees to take responsibility for their child(ren). We feel it is very important to make sure each child feels safe and secure in the co-op environment.

Kissimmee Christian Church

415 N. Main St.

Kissimmee, FL 34744