Latest Update: February 14, 2021 @ 9AM

Dear Members and Friends of Kissimmee Christian Church,

Please read the following information very carefully as we as a Staff and the Elders have come together to answer what we believe will be most of your burning questions regarding what this next phase in the life of our church family looks like.

On-Campus Service Times
9:30AM Contemporary Service -- Masks are required at this service and this service will also be live-streamed.
11AM Contemporary Service 
5PM Contemporary Service 
Expectations of our Members
  • If you are feeling ill or are showing ANY signs or symptoms of sickness PLEASE stay home.
  • If you have a fever of 99.9 or higher, please stay home.
  • You are not required to wear a face mask, however if you feel as though it is necessary for you, we encourage you to do so.
  • Please plan to bring your own Bible and pen to worship.
Guidelines for Children’s Ministry: Register your child(ren) here
Below are the temporary guidelines that the Children’s Ministry at Kissimmee Christian Church will be following until such time as the social distancing order has been lifted. Wearing a mask to the building is encouraged. If you or your child are sick/not feeling well, PLEASE stay home.
  • Babies - 2 years old: Total occupancy per service: 10 (includes adults & children). You need to register for the service you would like to attend,
  • Preschool (3 - 5-year-olds, not in K): Classes are now available for our preschool students.  Limited space is available.  You must register your child if you plan for them to attend a service.  
  • Elementary (K - 5th Grade): Classes are now available for our elementary students.  Limited space is available.  You must register your child if you plan for them to attend a service.  
FAQ for Re-Gathering Process for Kissimmee Christian Church

How do I ensure my spot at one of the services?
We are no longer requiring members to register for services.  However, we are requiring you to register your Elementary or Preschool student as limited space is available.

Do I have to wear a mask?
In order to ensure an environment where some of our members would feel more comfortable coming to in-person worship services we have required our 9:30AM service to wear a mask.  If you are unable to wear a mask while in service please plan to attend our 11AM or 5Pm service where they are not required but are strongly encouraged.

Will the service still be live-streamed?
Yes, it is our intention to continue offering a livestream service for those who do not feel comfortable coming into the church building. The livestream will be done at 9:30AM via YouTube, Facebook and our website.

Where do I enter the building?
There will be two places to enter KCC, the main entrance doors to the far right and Brack Street.  The Children’s Ministry doors will be locked. There will be greeters there to open the doors for you.

How will I be greeted?
All of our greeters who interact with guests will be wearing a mask to ensure the safety of those around them. We encourage you to let our greeters open the doors for you. There will be entrances both at the main doors and on Brack street.  Entrances will be clearly marked for your convenience.

How will I know where I can sit in the auditorium?
Every other pew will be marked off for each service, so the pew that was inhabited in the first service will not be for the second.  Families are encouraged to sit together and do not have to sit 6 feet apart.

Will there be Sunday School Classes?
Sunday School classes are available for adults.  We also have limited space available for our Elementary and Preschool students.

How do I let you know I attended the service?
There are two ways we would like for you to let us know if you attended.
If you watched the service via livestream on a device and weren’t here in person, please “check-in” to Kissimmee Christian’s Facebook page.
If you attended either online or in person you can fill out a “Check-In Card” via our website.  More on this in the coming weeks.

What will communion look like?
As the communion song is being sung members will be dismissed by row to get their communion. We will have ushers there to make sure there is enough communion for everyone.  We will be double cupping our communion so the bread is on the bottom and juice will be on top.  Every other slot will be filled with communion to ensure people are not touching cups that are not theirs.  For those who are unable to walk down to get their communion, an usher will be available to bring you communion.

What will offering look like?
You will be able to bring your offering down with you as you come to take your communion and there will be a plate set up to receive your offering.
We are also having several offering/information card kiosks put into place around the auditorium for you to be able to place your offering.

Will the other language groups be meeting?
Yes, all language groups are still planning to meet with the same guidelines as the English service.

Will there be coffee and refreshments in the café?
No, we are suspending coffee and refreshments in the café until further notice.

Will there be places to sanitize?
Free-standing sanitizing machines have been purchased and placed throughout the foyer along with masks available for those who may have forgotten theirs.

Can I have physical contact with others?
There will be no official handshaking or physical contact encouraged.

Will we get a bulletin?
No, we are suspending bulletins at this time.

Will the kitchen be available?
No, the main kitchen will be closed until further notice.

Will the Outreach Service continue?
Yes, but in a modified version.  At the present time they will continue to serve meals in Styrofoam containers and people will enter and exit back doors and eat outside only.

Will the bus still operate?

Will the golf cart still run?
Yes, we will still run the golf cart for those who have mobility issues and need transportation.

What about all of the other ministries of the church?
Our specialized ministries will continue to meet remotely at this time.