Kingdom Counseling

Kingdom Counseling Center is a Bible-based ministry offered by Kissimmee Christian Church to its members, regular attendees, and those referred to the Center.
The Center’s purpose is to provide a Biblical counseling ministry through which people who are experiencing emotional struggles might gain insight into their relationship to Christ, self, and to others. Through that insight might come the realization of Christ-centered potentials for self-acceptance and new hope for more abundant futures.

Through the years as each individual develops and changes, he/she is faced with a number of stressful tasks and dilemmas. The response to these tasks have an effect on each person and greatly influences the future functioning of that person. Sometimes families have resources to successfully deal with and adjust to the changes. Many families depend upon the help they receive from sermons or from Big Group and Small Group Bible Studies. Some find directions, encouragement and support from a specific Support/Recovery ministry. Others benefit from recommended reading which gives them needed insight and direction. Some receive more benefit from talking with a counselor who is able to give more individual and specific direction. Those who are unable to find answers or direction for their emotional concerns or are unable to come to a healthy resolution through other means, are encouraged to contact the Kingdom Counseling Center. Here they will receive assistance through a variety of counseling interventions focused on helping the individual, marriage, or family to successfully resolve the difficult tasks which they are currently facing.