Student (Middle & High School)

Welcome to ROCK Student Ministries! This is a ministry where our vision is simply this: Students' Faith Growing Together! ROCK Student Ministries exists to help students build a foundation in their faith that will make them lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • What We're about

    The purpose of the Student Ministry is to assist the Church and families in building each student’s faith. We hope to do this by developing several core aspects of student ministry that are Christ-centered: community, discipleship, service, evangelism, and worship. We hope to be able to minister to all Middle and High School Students and their families and help bring them closer to Christ! "...Yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the ROCK..." -Matthew 7:24-27 If you have any questions or would like some more information about ROCK Student Ministries please contact Lance Spencer, our Student Minister.

  • ROCK Sunday School (Sundays 11-12PM)

    ROCK Sunday School is a great time for our middle and high school students to come together to hear an interactive study of God's Word.  Our middle school and high school students meet in the Ministry Center. Middle school meets in classroom B and high school meets in classroom D.

  • sunday funday

    ROCK Sunday Funday is on Sunday nights from 5-6:30PM.  This is a time that is designed to strengthen student relationships through devotions, games and occasional off-property activities.

  • rock fuel (wednesdays 6:45-8PM)

    ROCK Fuel is a high energy fun time filled with games, worship, a message and small groups.  During this time students will be empowered to live out the Gospel in their lives while strengthening their relationship with Christ and one another.

  • Upcoming Events


    Wed., June 6 -  F.I.S.H. - dinner provided at the Lytle’s Home from 6-8PM

                              Girls - Snacks, Guys - Drinks


    Wed., June 13 - F.I.S.H. - dinner provided at the Tine’s Home from 6-8PM

                              Girls - Drinks, Guys - Snacks


    June 17-22 - Middle School Week at Lake Aurora (Sunday—Friday)


    Sat., June 23 - High School going to SAK Comedy.  

                             Meet at church at 4PM.  Cost $15 plus $ for dinner


    Sun., June 24 - Sunday School for both Middle & High school


    June 26-July 3 - Dominican Republic Mission Trip (High school)


    Wed., June 27 - F.I.S.H. - dinner provided at Johnson (JUFL) from 6-8PM

                               Girls - Snacks, Guys - Drinks


    Fri., June 29 - Middle School going to Air Heads.  

                            Meet at church at 4PM.  Cost $15 plus $ for dinner


    Wed., July 1 1 - F.I.S.H. - dinner provided at the Book’s Home  from 6-8PM

                            Girls - Drinks, Guys - Snacks


    Sat., July 14-21 - CIY Move for High School, Cleveland TN


    Sun., July 22 - Sunday School for both Middle & High school


    Wed., July 25 - F.I.S.H. - dinner provided at the Montana’s from 6-8PM

                              Girls - Snacks, Guys - Drinks


    Sun., July 29 - 5th Sunday - Service Sunday


    Fri., Aug. 3-4 - AMPED Retreat

    For a more detailed look at what we're doing, check out our EVENTS page.

    Please fill out a RELEASE FORM for any event where your student is leaving the church property.

  • Parents

    We truly believe that the success of a Student Ministry can only be brought through the parents. It is our goal as a Student Ministry to not "be the parents," but to assist the parents in growing their students' relationship with the Lord. Parents - YOU ARE THE KEY!!! And simply put - WE WANT TO HELP!!! Here are some ways you can get involved: Sign up for our weekly email list - this includes discussion starters from our lessons in Sunday School & at ROCK, plus will let you know of any events or deadlines coming up that week! This will help stir up conversation with your student(s) and get you better connected to our student calendar.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time. We want to be an aide to you and are always open to talking with you. If you have any questions please contact Lance Spencer.

  • Volunteer

    We are always in need of adults who have a passion for helping students grow in their faith. We don't want just bodies, but people who will take an interest in the lives of the students and live life with them. If you are interested in volunteering in ROCK Student Ministries, set up an interview with Lance Spencer, our Student Minister. 

    Complete the Volunteer Application to start the process of becoming a ROCK Sponsor.

    If you are interested you will need to complete a background check and be cleared before you will be allowed to volunteer. Start the process here.

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